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Afro Hair Comb inventor hopes to inspire young black women

Rural women demand

Nigerian romance scam suspects targeted 100 women

London has more statues of animals than of named women, audit finds

This week, 98 female judges were sworn in for the first time!

Millions of teenage girls across Afghanistan still waiting

Women are still blamed for fertility problems

Zimbabwean women have broken into the international space industry

Somalia is recognized as the “nation of poets,”

A female author this week won a Spanish literary award

A woman whose father raped her mother 46 years ago

African women are yet again being left behind

A South African Court has ruled

Throughout history

Women who are working in mines

Queen Elizabeth seen using a walking stick

Standing at 2.15m

Telling women to protect themselves

In October 1993

Zimbabwean born artist has designed a rare 2022 Commonwealth Games Baton

Zimbabwe has been lauded

Abortion happens every day and many young women die

810 women die every day from preventable causes related to pregnancy

“No one outside of Facebook knows what happens inside of Facebook”

Women in Kabul are standing up for their rights

In an effort to show girls that the sky is not the limit

Previously, cross border smuggling was seen as a man’s job

SADC countries are said to be lagging behind on promoting women’s health

The art of Taekwando is helping to fight child marriages

Gamuchirai Mbigi became the first woman to get the Air Force’s Sword of Hon

The right to education

Agnes Sithole is a hero to many black women

Violence against women and girls

Using Film to mirror society

The world has watched the power struggle in Afghanistan with shock

The decoration of the hut is solely a woman’s duty

At least one in three women in Zimbabwe encounters physical violence

Marondera Women Open Prison fosters rehabilitation for women

Research shows that only 21% of omen voices are heard

Access to information is vital to empowerment of women

As the world watches in astonishment at the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan

It is said that about 57% of women between the ages of 20 and 31 in Zimbabwe are farmers

Japanese 13-year-old Kokona Hiraki became the youngest person to win an Olympic medal

Young Zimbabwean woman empowered through pig farming

Zimbabwean woman pledges body for medical research

Zimbabwe is said to be 99% black

Gender Commission Calls for Mining Reforms

Fears Grow for Pregnant Women

Veritas Women would like to congratulate the newly appointed Justice 

Today we celebrate Donata Katai

Women’s dressing should not be a shadow to cover rape societal injustices

Poor access to water increased the vulnerability of women and young girls to violence

Mhirizhonga Yemudzimba Muzimbabwe

Today our #WCW is none other than Tsitsi Dangarembga

Meet Zimbabwe’s first female train driver!

Did you know that El Salvador has one of the strictest abortion laws in the world

African women speak up for their rights

Malala Yousefzai defied the odds when she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at 17 years

Naomi Osaka, ranked 2nd in women’s tennis has withdrawn from the French Open

In Zimbabwe, cervical cancer is the most common and the leading cause of death from malignancies in women

For the first time in 228 years, a woman is heading the Louvre Museum in Paris as its director

Zimbabwean women will now have the option of a new contraceptive

NYT reports on what is believed to be the only mine in the world to employ a fully female workforce!

Amnesty international has released a report that shows that Zimbabwe has one of the highest maternal mortality rates

It is not so long ago that women like Jane Austen had to use male aliases in order to be published

In May 1872, Victoria Woodhull became the first woman to run for presidency

For the first time in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya, the judiciaries are being led by women!

Journalists in Masvingo are promoting  access to information through setting up Village Gardens News clubs

Maka Chikowero through her foundation ‘Educate a Girl’’ is promoting the move to ending child marriages

Rechargeable tricycles are of great assistance to pregnant mothers and newborns in rural Zimbabwe

sexual abuse perpetrated within the family environment often remains hidden

Gender-Based Violence Cases have reportedly widened the existing social and economic inequalities

Women Must Have Autonomy Over Their Bodies, UN Says

Songbird turns to writing releases debut book

Child marriage cases spike in Sanyati

It’s now illegal for zimbabwe schools to expel pregnant girls

Beitbridge philanthropist establishes a SGBV center for disabled women

The pandemic’s toll on women COVID-19 is gender-blind, but not gender-neutral